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StiX Competition

🔸It was a hard way for us to reach the current stage, which wouldn’t be possible without the help of our community and now its time to reveal something “BIG”.
We are happy to announce our first COMPETITION! 🥳

🔸StiX is the worldfirst Competetive-Token where many competitions and events will happen. Our Price Pool is massive and we decided to give our community a big chunck of StiX Tokens to make the First competition something special. 🌠

🔸We give you the chance to show us all, aswell as the whole cryptoverse, your talents and skills. It’s a Video-Gaming editing competition that will take place on Youtube, very awesome because it will help StiX to get even more Viral and on top we are rewarding everyone. …

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1. What is stix?

StiX is a new innovative reward giving company based on the Ethereum Network. We aim to give everyone inside and outside Cryptocurrency the opportunity to be in cryptocurrency! Spreading the word in many ways is what we will be focussing on as soon as we can launch! Building a massive community that are already in crypto but specially the new investors and participants we will focus on! Stix will offer proper education for anyone (potential interested people, investors and companies). With proper education also comes more sustainable liquidity and growth.

We give everyone a chance to earn money online for participating in our fun competitions on media like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Telegram! We have a high priority to build a big and smart user-base, a growing amount of participants that hold our tokens for a long time and we will continuously expand to more exchanges. Another high priority we have is to support companies that work hard making a leap forward in the development of Blockchain technology, payments, storage, decentralised banking. …

There are several reasons why we believe holding our tokens will be valuable. The first benefit of holding our token with a growing user-base is that we will have an exponentially growing amount of token holders. They might be micro holders but will get bigger over time and all waiting for a nice price to sell or re-enter when we have price growths over time.

We will also have a buyback & burn system in the future. This will happen every quarterly year and will range between small and big chunks of tokens that we will burn. Depending on the economy of StiX we will decide the price pool rewards, for example when our token is worth 100 times the token sale price… we cannot give the same amount of jackpots of when the tokens were worth token sale price. …

Soon we will post the first introduction video for StiX. This, in order to give a face to the company and for you to hear the motivation and vision of the company from us. I hope you will enjoy and be motivated even more!

We are super motivated to give this token a big sustainable price growth over the years! After we recieved enough funds, we will immediatly start with the following steps:

1. Expanding our first exchange with multiple. A side note: we will not work together with Binance in the first place. The listing fee is ridiculous and out of the ordinary.
2. Marketing: we will start growing paid advertisement to target groups: new investors, crypto & blockchain enthousiasts who are not in to crypto yet, people who are interested but have no clue how it works. This will happen on Facebook, Google, Bing and high traffic websites! …

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Q: What is an competition token?

A: Our concept is that we have tokens that reward every participant, but what makes it a competitive token is that top winners will recieve big prices! Even prices up to $2000 dollars in StiX tokens.

Q: StiX goal?

A: Our goal “is” to implement a new concept in cryptocurrency. What we do also involves the current DEFI hype, we want to protect and educate new investors in a fun way to find companies that really have a good shot at making it big in development or as a currency for the future.

Q: Why competitions?


David - StiX

Project manager of StiX

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